Hi, I'm Julie Hannah Conge (aka Lady Reflectress, Julieh). Human Design dropped into my awareness after a decade-long spiritual and philosophic exploration. I've been experimenting with my human design Lunar Authority for three years, and keep learning deeper insights into myself and my place within the world as a reflector.

Within my three years of study in Human Design, I received my certification as a Living Your Design Guide and have helped over 150 people come to a greater understanding of human design and its practical uses.

About Me

Before Human Design

Before Human Design, I had a successful career in Mortgage Banking. I held my Mortgage Originator License in Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kansas, and helped my teams originate over 80 million in sales.

The process of buying a home can be extremely stressful. Helping my clients through a complex and emotional time in their life was very fulfilling to me, and is something I handled with great care.

I've found the journey through Human Design to be a similar process. It can be overwhelming for beginners, and sometimes the resources cannot be found easily. I bring the same level of education, guidance, and sensitivity to my clients throughout their journey navigating their bodygraph, and the charts of those in their lives.

The investment in yourself can be just as important as investing in where you live. I am here to show you how valuable you are and how much your friends, family, business relationships, and world need your unique contributions at this time!

My Design

Reflector Aura Type: I'm energetically equipped to assist you through your own reflections. I do this by reflecting back to you the intricacies of your own design. I take great care with this responsibility, and view it as a blessing to be used wisely.

1/3 Profile: I like to dive deep and discover the heart of the matter. Firm foundations are important to me, but I'm also open to experimenting with different approaches to find out what works for my clients.

Cross of Renewal: I've mindfully adopted the Quantum Human Design term for my Right Angle Incarnation Cross, The Cross of Renewal. While traditionally named The Cross of Tension, I feel the tension experienced within my design, and more largely the state of the world, can also be interpreted as a great change taking place. Renewal begins when tension is first acknowledged and accepted for what it is. It's part of my purpose in this world to help bring people back into harmony with support and empowerment, guiding them to their own inner authorities.

My Practice

Like the nature of Human Design itself, my spiritual approach is a synthesis of different practices and learned experiences. In additional to following the guidance of my "dance with the moon," I've also been involved in the local ecstatic dance community where I freely express my open design through improvised dance. I also practice meditation, inner child work, breathwork, and intuitive energy healing. In a more formal setting, my family and I are ambassadors of our local Buddhist Sangha. I've found Dharma teachings to be a meaningful part of my journey.

My Training

I'm a graduate of the International Human Design School and have successfully completed the following foundational courses. You can view my professional listing here.

  • Chart Reading with Analyst Rachel Walmsley - 2022

  • Living Your Design with Ruth Brennan - 2023

  • Rave ABCs with Ruth Brennan - 2023

  • Rave Cartography with Carol Zimmerman - 2023

  • Living Your Design Training Program with Carol Zimmerman - 2023

  • Self Study 2021 - 2024

certificate living your design guide issued by the International Human Design School for Julie Hannah Conge
certificate living your design guide issued by the International Human Design School for Julie Hannah Conge

I'm also a graduate of University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA where I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media Communications with an emphasis in Corporate/Community Relations. Not only do I enjoy working 1:1 with individuals, I'm also passionate about helping innovative leaders and larger organizations create more efficient teams through the knowledge of Human Design. I believe that strong teams lead to strong communities, and that all begins with building up The Self.