Living Your Design Retreats

A New Kind of Experience

Our retreat experiences are specially designed for no more than 6 people and are based entirely on a group's collective understanding and experience with Human Design, for a more intimate and personalized retreat experience.

These family-style retreats blend both a safe space for group deconditioning & healing, and a practical teaching of the Human Design System.

In these dynamic group retreats, you'll immerse yourself inside the workings of your bodygraph in relation to those around you in real time. These retreats provide both a model for self-discovery and awareness, but also a experimental safe zone to learn about the the depths of yourself as well as those around you.

While this approach takes you deeper and is more experiential than online Living Your Design workshop, it still qualifies you as having taken LYD which is the level 1 course for the International Human Design School. That's the level of education you'll receive during the weekend. What's more is you'll be able to participate in embodiment exercises to integrate the information, all while in the presence of other aura types with similar intentions.

Get First-hand experience of your own inner reactions and commentary around the influence you transmit.

Receive support to let go of your repeated efforts to change what is innately precious about you.

Learn more about the amazing system of Human Design in a beautiful setting.

The immersive Living Your Design Retreat is designed to give you the opportunity to grow and connect with others and share your personal experiences, giving others a glimpse into the significant differences in the energetics of each Aura Type. These retreats are great not only for individuals that wish to participate with others, but also for small team building and rapport within your business.

Upcoming Retreats

May 18 + 19, 2024
August 24 + 25, 2024
December 14 + 15, 2024

Immersive & Restorative
Human Design

What's included in the price of your retreat:
  • One-Hour Personal Reading and Consultation before the start of the retreat. ($97 Value)

  • A printed copy of The Living Your Design manual ($49.95 Value)

  • Certified Living Your Design Course ($397 Value)

  • Embodiment exercises including guided meditation and breathwork

  • Four health-conscious meals

  • One post-retreat call and access to online private retreat community for ongoing support

Day One
  • Meet & greet and settle in - Provided Printed & Laminated Chart

  • What is Human Design? The homo-sapien in transitus

  • Lunch

  • The 9 Centers: How they function & the biology

  • Embodiment exercise

  • Signposts of Conditioning: True Self and Not Self

  • Closing practice

  • Dinner and fellowship

Day Two
  • Grounding meditation

  • The Four Aura Types: Strategies and Inter-Type Interaction

  • Embodiment Exercise

  • Lunch

  • Strategy & Authority: Learn how to let go of the prison of the mind and surrender to your energetic body for your decisions

  • Closing practice

  • Dinner and fellowship around campfire

By the end of this retreat, you'll have a solid overview of the Human Design System, your unique aura type and how it interacts with others, and your strategy & authority.

You'll leave feeling refreshed, clear minded, and ready to start experimenting with your design in new and exciting ways with a new community!

About the Venue

Pacha Place is a retreat home nestled amongst 5 wooded acres just outside of Lenexa, KS, created to bring people closer together and closer to their essence.

The designer of the home has combined mid-century modern architecture, an American Southwest aesthetic, a cabin in the woods vibe, and passive solar design practices to create a truly unique experience of home that is as unique as you.

Pacha Place logo
Pacha Place logo

An Orion Retreat

This retreat is hosted and supported by our partner, Orion Retreats from Mount Shasta, California. Orion Retreats is a curiously innovative collective of inspired creators, thought leaders, and hand-selected artisans. Together, we create bespoke retreats that enliven the spirit and empower guests to live their lives on purpose.

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Orion Retreats Logo
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Julie Hannah Conge IHDS Professional Logo

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