Custom Made Quantum Lunar Mandalas

Unlock the magical pattern of your unique lunar dance.

I'm a reflector...

How can I translate specifically what the moon cycle is saying to me?

"Well, my first advice to you, is do it yourself. That's the first advice. It sounds a lot more complex than it is. It's not.

If you take a look at your design, the first thing for you to do is you take your design, and you mark in the wheel all of the gates that when any object comes to that gate will bring a definition to you.

...When you're finished looking at all of those activations that you have, and you've seen them all marked in the wheel, in other words, you see all the imprinting elements laid out in the wheel, then you know, then you know, the pattern that the moon is going to follow."

Ra Uru Hu

quantum lunar mandala reflections by design
quantum lunar mandala reflections by design

Create Your Custom Lunar Quantum Mandala

Not everyone has the time or software to easily create these wheels that showcase a reflector's harmonic gate activations.

That's why I offer to create your custom quantum wheel for you that shows your unique dance with the lunar transit.

Why does it matter?

The Reflector operates very differently from the other types. The focus for the reflector is on the larger program at play.

The appointment reflectors have with the cosmos comes alive when the definition between the lunar transit and the definition given to them at birth sparks into existence.

Reflectors are here within this program to get to know the channels, the quantum experience. With this comes wisdom, which is greatly needed in the collective at this point in history, And they gain wisdom by mastering the pattern of the lunar activations of their harmonic gates every lunar cycle.

moon pattern sequence reflections by designmoon pattern sequence reflections by design
sample of moon mattern sequence chart reflections by design graphicsample of moon mattern sequence chart reflections by design graphic

Add Moon Pattern Chart + $25

*Purchase comes with complete moon pattern sequence as well as the channel names, center connections & circuitry.

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